What We Do

Take Your Business to New Heights With Purpose-Designed Software

When it comes to business software, most companies make do with a standard financial package that gives the basics - general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash book. And that's fine for many operations.

However, no two businesses are the same. So it goes without saying that in many instances, a one-size-fits-all solution has distinct drawbacks. There are times when a business needs more; be it information, efficiency, functionality, or accountability.

That's where IMS comes in. We are here to do the hard work... to design and build a software application that has a purpose - that actually does what you want. Our application will have a hugely beneficial impact on the way your business performs, because it will be able to carry out specific tasks that will improve efficiency or help with strategic decision making. It will ultimately have a 'King Kong-sized' positive effect on your overall business performance.

Custom Software Development

Over and over again, smart companies have invested in unique software applications that have proven to be the most cost-effective and productive for their business. These specially designed applications help companies better manage their existing operations; they are tools used generally to handle a specific aspect of a business process or procedure that standard software cannot cope with. They are often valuable for driving a business forward by giving it a competitive edge.

We develop custom applications in three options:

Independent: We can design and build an application that is totally independent of a company’s main business software. It will handle a specific function or process. It will add overall functionality to a business, without intruding on the core software system.

Bolt-on: We are able to create a ‘bolt-on’ application (or applications) that integrate fully and seamlessly with a company’s existing core software. This is achieved through a database, and provides a customised solution that is unique to a company or group, yet utilises a standard suite of modules.

Enterprise-wide: For companies that have outgrown their existing financial software, or who are dissatisfied with current software performance, we can supply our own powerful Lila ERP software solution (general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash book), and design and integrate customised applications to perform specific tasks.

Management Information Systems

On many occasions, information obtained from a ‘standard’ financial software package simply does not give all the relevant information, in a timely or easily accessible manner, to help managers make effective critical strategic decisions.

We are able to develop and implement a custom Management Information System by collating business data from many sources, and producing task-relevant reports. The system will transform raw or fragmented data into useful information to aid decision making, help manage an organisation effectively, and move a business forward.

Mobile App Development

Have you ever noticed how much business is done on the move? The place of work is fast becoming mobile, and today's business applications (Apps) are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead are in our pockets and hands.

IMS can design powerful and effective mobile Apps for Android and iOS - two of today's most popular platforms for smart phones or tablets. For business users, mobile Apps are an extension of a company’s in-house software system. Apps are built for specific uses, and are intuitive to use and fast; designed to handle quick tasks and to complete tasks.

There are significant benefits to the user:

Whilst a business will benefit via:

Up in the Air, or Feet on the Ground

Apart from conventional in-company customised software solutions, we also have our heads in the clouds!

Cloud computing is the next evolutionary stage of the Internet's development. It provides the means by which computing services - applications, processes, storage, personal interaction, etc. - can be delivered wherever and whenever needed.

IMS can design and integrate cloud computing solutions into an already existing enterprise-wide system. Companies can eliminate many of the complex limitations from the traditional computing environment, including space, time, power, and cost.

Industrial and Commercial Device Integration

Another limitation of ‘out-of-the-box’ software solutions for many businesses is the difficulty, or seeming impossibility, of adding functionality through connecting external devices - here we are talking about bar-code scanners, tablets, real-time process screens, or similar third-party hardware that companies increasingly need to function effectively.

At IMS we have the necessary skills and expertise to create a software solution that will allow a company to add any number or type of value-add devices to an existing system. We will investigate and propose a device that will actually work as it was designed to, and will deliver the outcomes that a company must have.

A whole new ERP ballgame

There comes a moment in everyone’s lifetime when they need a change! It’s the same in business - and in particular, in business software.

Companies grow, change direction or evolve, it’s a constant process. So it makes sense that the software solution that was installed a while ago may not give the outcomes that a company needs today or could want in the future.

IMS owns the intellectual property rights to Lila ERP - a powerful and fully-featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management software solution that allows an organisation to use integrated financial applications for managing their business. Lila ERP software integrates all facets of an operation (general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash book), with product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing.

We would propose a Lila ERP solution to any company looking to upgrade their existing business processes. They will benefit from our in-depth knowledge about how Lila ERP functions, and how to leverage its attributes.