Our Software Services: Everything You'll Ever Need

We have, in-house, all the skills needed to create your custom software solution.

Technically, every solution we design, develop and deploy has lots of business rules, database functionality, and other logic that separate them from run-of-the-mill packages. You don't really need to know exactly what - suffice it to say that they are complex and hard work, but we love them.

Here is a brief overview.

Software Consulting

Terms like cloud computing, mobile Apps, and Progress OpenEdge may not excite you - they do excite us, but that’s another story. Don’t worry, our job is to get to the heart of your problem quickly, and explain simply the impact that these technologies can have on your business, and how they can benefit you.

Analysis and Documentation

We are experienced business analysts. Our role at this point is to understand how your business works, and what software you use to run it. Understanding is not enough though; we need to document your requirements in detail. It could be that years ahead, you may want to use this application on new technology and this documentation will avoid having to start from scratch.

Interface Design

We have a cheerful, talented graphic designer who will make your application look good and be easy for users to navigate around. It won’t be clumsy, or look out of place, or work differently from your existing core software.

Software Programming

This is where we use our brains at full power. Engage top gear, foot down. We use many programming tools – but mainly Progress OpenEdge. We know it inside out. It's very powerful, and great to work with - and we get results up to 40% quicker than with other platforms.

Here is where our quality control comes in; everything we do, every line of code we write, is fully documented. Everything is checked, and double checked through our formal quality review system. This makes certain that not only is the software error free, it is good to use. Like everything in this world, it’s not what you do – it's the way you do it that counts.

Software Testing

We are good at what we do. However, we still spend a lot of time testing and re-testing every application – almost to destruction. It would be wrong to expect you to be a guinea pig with your own application. How embarrassing would it be for us if it let you down? How annoyed would you be?

Installation and Support

When your application is complete and ready, we will install, integrate and configure it as a seamless part of your system. All the details are handled by us from start to finish. And then we will support you long after we have completed the job – for us, it’s a long-term commitment.