Custom Software Development

Over and over again, smart companies have invested in unique software applications that have proven to be the most cost-effective and productive for their business. These specially designed applications help companies better manage their existing operation...

ERP Software

There comes a moment in everyone's lifetime when they need a change! It’s the same in business - and in particular, in business software. Companies grow...

Management Information Systems

On many occasions, information obtained from a 'standard' financial software package simply does not give all the relevant information, in a timely or easily accessible manner, to help managers make effective critical strategic decisions...

Mobile App Development

Have you ever noticed how much business is done on the move? The place of work is fast becoming mobile, and today's business applications (Apps) are increasingly mobile. Computers are no longer confined to desks and laps but instead are in our pockets and hands...

Cloud Services

Apart from conventional in-company customised software solutions, we also have our heads in the clouds! Cloud computing is the next evolutionary stage of the Internet's development. It provides the means by which computing services...

Industrial Device Integration

Another limitation of 'out-of-the-box' software solutions for many businesses is the difficulty, or seeming impossibility, of adding functionality through connecting external devices – here we are talking about bar-code scanners, tablets, real-time process screens...

Software Consulting

Terms like cloud computing, mobile Apps, and Progress OpenEdge may not excite you – they do excite us, but that’s another story. Don't worry, our job is to get to the heart of your problem quickly...

Analysis and Documentation

We are experienced business analysts. Our role at this point is to understand how your business works, and what software you use to run it. Understanding is not enough though...

It’s all well and good designing software that functions - at Integrated Management Solutions, on the other hand, we do things differently. For us, going with the flow is not an option.Offering mundane solutions based on out-of-the-box packages, following on from what has gone before, is not what we do.

We analyse. We consider. We look ahead. Then we create client-specific, customised software that actually improves the way the business operates - that takes into account the way a business works today, and where it wants to be tomorrow. Our software will help drive a business onward and upward.

Put simply, our innovative business solutions deliver positive, cost-effective results that will have a fundamental impact on business performance and success.

When it’s time move up a gear, it’s time to talk to IMS.